FOSS SEO Software & Programming Literacy

The Python Notebook coding examples found on this page help you get found better in search, but the skills you will develop are applicable in a thousand different ways in life. Learn modern programming literacy and future-proof yourself by learning to code like you learned to read and write. Be confident knowing your skills can’t be taken away through planned obsolescence, tech churn, or not continuing to pay for some product. That’s the advantage of free and opens source software (FOSS).

This all starts by running code on Linux servers under your control. First, install JupyterLab under the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). An easy way is to use the MyKoz Linux JupyterLab installer for Windows. It will install all the below examples onto your machine ready-to-use. You can alternatively copy/paste the code into the Notebook environment of your choice. Everything should work except for that which automates local web browsers using the resources of your local machine.

Rebooting Pipulate Project

Every few years I reboot the Pipulate project using my new thinking, so I have “wiped” the examples that were previously on the site and I’ll be rebuilding it up here as one long page. When I’m done, I’ll refine it, breaking it into separate pages.

My new thinking is that I will maintain a file side by side with the Jupyter Notebook files [Notebook Name].ipynb example files. This will allow us to externalize anything to a function into a common resource that can be used as a common resource between different Pipulate Jupyter Notebook examples. As I finish, I’ll update the pip installable version of Pipulate with the latest.